How to Find the Best SEO Agency in Dublin

SEOIts almost impossible to know everything about SEO and online marketing. Precisely, this is the reason why businesses just put their full trust into SEO agencies and let them do their work that they are getting paid for. And that’s fine, until you, as a business owner who wants to promote the business to make more money, end up with nothing else but just a pile of false promises in your hands. This can happen, and that is why we are writing this post, to let business owner know how to find the right seo company for their business.

Because don’t take me wrong with this statement, there hundreds of good and reliable seo services, its just that there is thousands of bad ones.

We really pay an attention to result of a good work, especially when it comes down to such a mysterious thing like SEO. Many people, even business owners, understand wrong to this term and what it actually is. Very easy way to explain is, that mainly there are two types of online marketing. its Paid advertising, with the companies like Google or Bing, and SEO – optimizing content for top page organic search listings. Basically whatever you type in a Google, the first page results is what I am talking about.

Organic listing is displayed along with the native ads, on the first two or three pages. Depends on the advertising index for that keyword, meaning how many advertisers are actually targeting that keyword with their ads. The higher PPC (pay per click), the more expensive market. Like lawyers and attorneys, depends on the state and city, would pay between $100 – $250 per click! imagine, getting 4 clicks cost you 1000?

Here we come the best example of best SEO happy client. How much do you think that he would pay me to get and keep his business on the first page of google if he is willing to pay $200 per click on advertising? Definitely, and it works. Like a win win situation where I would gain perfect fit client who is happy to pay me $4000 per month to keep his business at the top, and the client would get complete exposure in front of hot market, the prospects.

In around the Ireland and Dublin city there are a few good search engine marketing companies that take care of a whole business, from building high authority back links to the website to complete social profiles portfolio with pictures, videos and everything. Of course, the prices for their services will significantly differ. And its determined by the effort and quality of SEO job that someone has put in.

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